Core Courses

The Social Emotional Curriculum

This course will teach participants what the Social Emotional Curriculum is.  Participants will learn about Social Emotional skills, learning, and teaching.  The learning standards of the Social Emotional Curriculum will be explored along with best practice principles of Social Emotional instruction.  Course topics will include Social Emotional screening and assessment, linking Social Emotional Learning interventions to academics and discipline, including PBIS and universal design for learning, integration of Tier One, Two, and Three Social Emotional Learning interventions within the classroom and school structures, and the Social Emotional Curriculum for Special Education students.

Emotionally Impaired Students

Participants in the course, Emotionally Impaired Students, will learn how to assess, support, and teach Emotionally Impaired students.  Using tools for screening and assessing, participants will learn to classify students’ social emotional needs, define the Emotionally Impaired Student, and develop intervention plans for identified emotionally at-risk students.  Causes of Emotional Disabilities in students will be explored, including methods for differentiating Emotional Disabilities from Trauma Induced experiences.  Course topics will include Tier One and Two educational approaches and Tier Three student best practice service delivery models.  Participants will learn instructional strategies and interventions for students with Emotional Impairments.  Additionally, course participants will research the comorbidity of Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities.

Trauma Informed Education

Trauma Informed Education course participants will learn trauma responses and approaches to creating a Trauma Informed Education.  Participants will learn to implement the principles of a Trauma Informed Education into both academic learning and student behavior management.  Course topics will include best practices of Trauma Informed screening and assessment, Trauma Informed pedagogy and methodologies, linking Trauma Informed interventions to academics and discipline, integration of Tier One, Two, and Three Trauma Informed interventions within the classroom and school structures, and the Trauma Informed approach to 504 and Special Education referrals.

Facilitating PEACE in the Classroom

This course will teach participants about Facilitating PEACE in the Classroom.  Participants will learn how to infuse the principles of social, emotional, and academic learning for classroom management and instructional practices.  Participants will learn the components of the PEACE behavioral intervention and academic lesson plan. Specifically, the course will teach about the PEACE lesson plan which is grounded in research-based best practice principles of social emotional learning and emotional intelligence.  Participants will learn to use the methodologies of PEACE to infuse social emotional learning standards into classroom routines, norms, content areas, academic assessment, and processing of unexpected behaviors.