Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses offered online?


Yes, ALL of our courses are offered entirely online and are six weeks in length.

Do I have to be online at a certain time for the courses?


No.  There are no face-to-face or specific meeting time requirements.

Are courses available for graduate credits and continuing education credits?


Yes.  Courses are able to be purchased for 3 Colorado State University-Pueblo

Graduate Credits or for 45 Social Emotional Schoolhouse continuing education units.

Where can I find course dates, descriptions, and syllabi? 


 Each course's dates, description, and syllabus can

be located by clicking on the STORE tab at the top of the page.

Can I pay with an approved purchase order from my school?


Yes, please Click Here

 Is there a course withdrawal/refund policy?


There is a $25 cancellation fee for course withdrawals.

Course withdrawals prior to the course start date: 100% minus cancellation fee

Course withdrawals after the course start date: 0% 

Are there policies related to The Social Emotional Schoolhouse's

accrediting higher education institute?


Yes!  Registration forms for graduate credits must be completed prior to the course start date.

Participants are expected to review The Social Emotional Schoolhouse's Integrity Policy.

Participants enrolled for credits are required to abide by the Academic Integrity

Policy of The Social Emotional Schoolhouse’s partner institution.

How do I get an access code to take a course?


Course access codes are sent to participants after the purchase of a course.

 Access codes will be sent no later than one day prior to the start of the course.

Will I have to purchase a textbook?


No!  All course readings are provided at no extra cost.

Do you have a privacy policy?


Yes.  Our privacy policy is available as a download below.  In addition, information about Google Analytics privacy policy is at the bottom of the page.  Privacy Policy: Click Here